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Cardiac Rehab

After having a cardiac event or receiving a diagnosis that there is a problem with your heart, it is not uncommon for people to experience anxiety about performing activity that increases their heart rate. In truth, with the right guidance and monitoring, exercise is one of the best things you can do for your heart after a cardiac problem. What’s even better news is that it is entirely possible to get back to a higher level of fitness after a cardiac event than what you had before.

James has a special interest in cardiac conditions and has worked in hospital based cardiac rehabilitation programs both on the Central Coast and in Sydney. iFitness is also equipped with  specialised monitoring equipment not available in any other allied health facility on the Central Coast to make sure that there is no safer place for you to improve your heart health and get back to the things you love or maybe even something that you always wanted to do but never thought possible!

Knee Rehab

iFitness has a keen interest in helping you make a speedy recovery from your knee replacement surgery. Peoples experience after a knee replacements vary greatly with some people back to normal in a matter of a few months with minimal pain. While others, unfortunately, may take up to 12 months with much higher levels of pain.

What you can count on is that iFitness has specialised equipment only available in a handful of locations in Australia that are designed to help you not just to increase your range of movement and muscle activation but to get back to doing the things you enjoy. Your muscles can contract in 3 ways, the first is to produce force and get shorter (called a concentric contraction), produce force and stay the same length (called an isometric contraction) and finally, produce force and get longer (called an eccentric contraction). Eccentric contractions have been shown to be very helpful for rehabilitation, particularly after knee surgeries and with arthritis. This is because eccentric muscle contractions produce high force with low energy costs. The problem is that traditional training often focuses on concentric training and so eccentric training can be more difficult to do in a controlled way. iFitness is home to a unique eccentric leg trainer which allows patients to work their leg and hip muscles during the eccentric phase of contraction in a very controlled and safe manner. For those interested in more indepth information on eccentric training, click here to view a review article from the well-respected Journal of Applied Physiology.

James has been able to help his patients to some great results. From getting one patient who came to iFitness having had many months of pain and stiffness after her surgery, to getting back to playing tennis in a few short months, right through to getting another patient in his late 70’s back to running with his dogs after his double knee replacement (he also increased his lower leg strength by over 400%!!). iFitness will help you get back to the things you love in the shortest possible time. See our testimonial page for another example of how iFitness has helped another patient with her knee!

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Chronic Conditions

Just about every long term conditions such as arthritis, type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, cardiac disease, lung disease etc. can all be helped by participating in suitable physical activity. iFitness has been assisting people with chronic illnesses since 2007 and more than just giving you a tailored exercise program, iFitness will take the time to answer your questions and help you understand your condition, be aware of how it will interact with various aspects of your lifestyle. Perhaps you would like to bring your partner, carer or other family member so that they better understand your diagnosis and how they can assist you. Chronic conditions require long term management and iFitness will give you the tools, knowledge and skills to manage your health long after the session has ended.

If you have a chronic illness, you may be eligible for a referral under Medicare’s Enhanced Primary Care (or EPC) scheme which gives you access to up to 5 sessions per calendar year which attract a Medicare rebate. In addition to this, if you have type 2 diabetes, you may be eligible for a referral under Medicare’s type 2 diabetes group program which gives you access to a Medicare rebate for an initial 1 on 1 session and then 8 group sessions aimed at getting you involved in some structured exercise as well as teaching you how to manage your diabetes effectively. To find out if you are eligible for a referral to iFitness under these Medicare schemes, contact your doctor.


Regular exercise is well documented in scientific literature as being one of the most beneficial things that a person can do to manage type 2 diabetes. James has been helping people manage their diabetes for the best part of the last decade and has had great success doing so. What’s more, if you have type 2 diabetes you may be eligible for a rebate from Medicare for up to 5 sessions at iFitness. In addition to this you may also be eligible for another one on one session and up to 8 group sessions heavily rebated through Medicare. For more information on this contact iFitness or your GP.

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vo2 max testing

VO2 Max fitness testing

Are you a little more serious about your fitness and training than most? Maybe you’re an armature or professional athlete? Or maybe you are looking at participating in the City 2 Surf, Sydney half marathon or even a bucket list trip to run the Boston marathon!

iFitness is now offering VO2 max testing, lactate threshold testing, and even has the technology to look into your muscles during exercise to find out how much oxygen is available to working muscles and even identify possible physiological systems and factors that limit oxygen delivery, usage and ultimately your performance.

This information can then be used to assess your current training to see if you are achieving the results you are wanting to achieve, give direction to future training if you are wanting to improve a certain aspect of your fitness and even has the potential to give pacing information so that you are able to get the best possible time in your next fun run or event. iFitness is able to work with your coaching staff or sport science team to conduct other specific testing to your sport to give you the competitive edge.

iFitness is now able to give you access to the same information and testing normally reserved for the most elite athletes, institutes of sport and Universities!

Even if your not a professional athlete or fitness enthusiast, you may be interested in joining an open age sporting team, joining a gym or doing a boot camp for the first time in a while (or at all). If you have any risk factors for cardiovascular disease or diabetes (eg. Overweight, sedentary lifestyle, family history, over 45yrs old, high blood pressure etc.), a physical assessment using ECG to look at how your body responds to the intensities experienced in that sport or activity can give you and your GP, valuable information to make decisions about how safe you are to participate in that activity and screen for any underlying health concerns that you may be unaware of. For more information, contact James on 0414098226 or via email at

Weight Loss

Up to about 70% of your daily energy expenditure does NOT come from exercise! Rather your metabolic rate (metabolism) accounts for this large proportion of burnt calories. A further 20% of calorie consumption is from physical activity and the final 10% is from energy loss in the form of heat as your body digests food. This last 10% you can’t do anything about but you can increase your metabolic rate (speed up your metabolism) and you can obviously do more activity. Therefore you can have direct control over 90% of your daily energy expenditure! This is good news if you are trying to lose weight.

You have probably heard the concept that if you burn more energy than you consume then you will lose weight and visa versa. While for some people there are other factors that affect this such as thyroid function, for most people this concept of energy balance is an important part of weight loss. But how do you know what your metabolic rate is or how much energy you burn while exercising? There are many equations that can estimate this based on your height, weight, age and gender however these equations are based on population data, meaning that they are designed to give a good estimate based on a large sample size of potentially 100’s of thousands of people. This is fine however as we are all unique, individual variances always exist and can make a big difference.

For example, lets say your estimated energy expenditure was 2000cal/day. However, if your individual metabolic rate is only 10% off that (not hard) and you were always very careful to eat healthy foods and stuck to eating the 2000cal/day but your actual energy expenditure was 1800cal/day, you would reasonably assume that your weight might go down or stay the same because you think based on the guidelines you are doing the right thing, but over the course of a year that extra 200cal/day equates to a gain of 10.4kg and your left scratching your head wondering why your putting on so much weight when you are doing the right things.

iFitness has unique equipment that can measure your individual metabolic rate as well as your energy expenditure during various types and intensities of activity. This service is not available anywhere else on the Coast and takes the guess work out of exercising to manage weight and gives you a truly individualized approach. It also means that this information can be given to a dietitian who can work with you to design a diet plan specific to your metabolic profile!

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chronic pain treatment

Chronic Pain

You may be surprised to know that chronic pain is the most burdensome health condition in the world in terms of cost with at least 1 in 5 Australians experiencing chronic pain in their life! People suffering from chronic pain are often left feeling frightened, debilitated, anxious and confused as to why they feel the pain they feel. Chronic pain is also frustrating (both for patients and health professionals) as there is often no physical reason or symptoms to explain the pain which can lead to people being told that it’s all in their head (suggesting that the pain is not real) or that they are exaggerating their symptoms. The truth is that anyone suggesting that your pain does not exist purely on the basis that there is no physical damage or problem to cause the pain, simply doesn’t understand what pain is.

Research has shown over the last few years that understanding your pain, the reasons for it, and how to structure your activity to increase your ability to function and lessen your pain is the most effective way to treat pain.

So what can you expect from iFitness when you come about your pain?

You can expect that your pain will be taken seriously

A large component of initial sessions will involve education about pain.

James will endeavor to answer all of your questions regarding your pain and follow up any questions that cannot be answered on the spot

You wont be expected to do anything that you do not want to do however you may be asked to do things that are uncomfortable for the purposes of assessment. Participation in this is however voluntary

Treatments will be individually tailored to suit you and your situation and based on the latest scientific research

My overall aim is to give you the knowledge and tools to be your own therapist and make informed decisions about your health and to feel like you are in control.

Health Check Service

Imagine taking your car in for a service and in addition to the normal oil change they did a comprehensive check of your cars engine, exhaust system, fuel efficiency, auto electrics and went through practical and specific ways you could look after and drive your car more effectively so it will last longer, perform better, and prevent the components from breaking down and ultimately, cost you less money. Also imagine that instead of doing this every 10,000kms (which for some might be 4-5 times a year) you only had to do it once a year and when it came time to pay the mechanic, your car insurance policy covered part of the cost of the service making it even better value for you. I can already hear you saying, “Where do I sign?”

While this may not exist for cars, iFitness Exercise physiology is now offering this type of service for your body and it will only cost you less than half what a standard car service will. Plus, if you have extras cover you may be able to claim a rebate back from your fund. Isn’t your health worth more than your car?

Our comprehensive health check includes cardiovascular fitness test, diabetes risk, blood pressure, ECG readings of your heart, lung function and diet and lifestyle factors that can increase your risk of other chronic disease. These results can also be sent to your GP.

These assessments make fantastic birthday gifts for yourself or the people you care about, whether you or your loved ones are into fitness or not, it provides invaluable insights into your health and has the potential to save your life. Many chronic diseases like diabetes and certain heart arrhythmias can go undiagnosed for years and often have little or no noticeable symptoms.

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Hip Replacement exercises


If your balance is not as good as it used to be or you are having troubles getting around. iFitness can help you get active again!

James will assess your balance and mobility issues and give you a program that you feel confident in being able to do and, where possible, uses equipment and objects that you have around your home.

In a wheelchair or can’t walk? No worries, James can give you a chair based program. Bed bound, No problem, there are plenty of useful exercises you can do lying down. Can’t leave the house? iFitness can organise a home visit to see you in your home!

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Workers Compensation

iFitness is WorkCover accredited and can help you get back to work as soon as possible after an injury. Whether your job is sedentary or involves heavy manual labor, iFitness will develop a program that suits you!

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Special Projects

Groups: iFitness has a number of groups exercise programs suited to diabetics, people with cardiac conditions and seniors.

Snow specific programs:  If your planning a weekend trip to the NSW or VIC ski fields over winter or maybe a bucket list trip to Canada or Japan, iFitness has the solution for you! After hearing many stories of people taking a Friday off work to drive down to Jyndabyne for their once a year weekend of skiing, only to spend 4-5hrs on the Friday afternoon on the slopes and waking up the next morning with so much muscle soreness that they are in too much pain to ski the next day or can’t go for long and end up only using about half of their lift passes (which keep getting more expensive every year!). To prevent this, iFitness developed a snow sport specific training program using equipment used by the US ski team to condition your muscles to work in the same way that they operate during skiing and snowboarding before you leave. This not only means that you are less prone to injury, but even better, we can drastically reduce the amount of muscle soreness you experience or in many cases eliminate it all together! This means that you can get the maximum value out of your lift passes and spend less time drinking $15 hot chocolates while you watch others on the slopes. Approximately 3 sessions before you leave is about all it takes to reduce or eliminate muscle soreness and will dramatically increase your fun!

Special projects: Maybe you have a special requirement that you would like iFitness’ input on? Contact James to find out how we can help