When James contacted me to provide a testimonial – I was really grateful to be able to refer this man professionally however to explain my appreciation I think I need to explain my situation further.

I had a heart attack in December 2014 – The cardio ward called my heart attack “an angry one” – I lost 30% of my heart function and yes I am very lucky to be alive.  James helped me hold myself together in a dark period of my life which I will be eternally grateful.

In my past I have been involved in professional & amateur sport as an athlete and as a coach, so it was fun to talk to James who is an extremely educated man who knows his trade and shared a passion for the physical science of sport. So on the physical side I was an easy study, but his help as a support person and to keep my mind focused on my recovery was his greatest gift.

My situation was a bit unusual as a lot was happening at once – I had just moved back to the Central coast without my family to start a new job, my wife & five kids were in Queensland packing in preparation to move back to NSW.  I was broke so, also in a probationary employment period of new job with no sick leave or holiday pay accrued and I had just survived a major heart attack at 47. To say life was turned upside down would be an understatement however the idea to take off extended time off work having rehab during business hours just didn’t seemed like a wise move at the time.  Thankfully James was referred to an exercise physiologist with a specialty in cardiac conditions. My heart attacked happen on a Tuesday morning, heart surgery on the Wednesday and walked out of the hospital Thursday morning. I went back to work on Monday and saw James for the first time the following Tuesday.  Crazy right.

At the time I battle a very dark cloud of doubt, insecurity feeling really lonely missing my family, and generally feeling sorry for myself. It was three weeks prior to Christmas and I felt like a general failure.  This mental state of mind was the scariest thing out of the entire experience, apparently quite common but not a nice place to be. I found myself standing at the edge of a big hole called depression. I had just been told that I was lucky to be alive and I have lost 30% of my heart function. Many people around me were freaking out and I seemed to be constantly reassuring family and friend that I was ok.  So on the outside I showed a positive outlook however just below the surface – the reality was quite different, I was exhausted and a bit of a mess.

My sessions with James became not just my physical rehab but more importantly it was the one thing that also kept me sane where I could focus on heart and not my brain. My little milestones were celebrated with James.  It was not always easy and James pushed me to achieve my rehab goals, but I am fitter now than I was before the heart attack.

When you spent so much time together – you get a sense of the person. I feel one of my greatest skills is to be a good judge of character. I can assure you James is a good man to have in your corner.

I would have no hesitation in referring James as in any area of sport science and exercise physiology with a specialty in cardiac conditions.

Kind Regards

Scott Townsend